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When it comes to Backup Cameras Services, there is no one better to call other than Clifton Auto Tinting. Our professionals work with extra care and finish with high-quality results.
We love to help people achieve their dream of having a much sleeker and modern looking car. Simple window tinting can have a big impact on a car’s appearance – now that’s just one of the many benefits!
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Clear Bra Services in clifton NJ

We’ve been installing protective film for auto owners right here in Clifton, New Jersey, and our solution and quality is unmatched. Our goal is to provide you with the exceptional possible service and well worth in clear paint protection. We are a firm with a group of expertly, experienced professionals, we do not depend on high prices to raise our quality, and likewise, we do not give out cheap rates to hide our quality either.

The Clear Bra is a modern-day replacement for those vinyl black plastic bras. It is a clear urethane-based film put on your car to ensure that it abides by the shapes of your auto’s forward surface areas, including your fronts lights. The film creates a protective obstacle between your cars and truck and road particles.

The clear bra protection film can be put on any type of vehicle, truck, motorcycle, boat, or Recreational Vehicle to protect from rock chips, scrapes, or abrasions. With correct treatment, the protective film remains virtually undetectable, enabling the look of your car’s layer to beam for years.

You pay a great deal in your car, and you plan to preserve it looking its’ finest. At EMS Auto, we make use of the very best in paint protection. We will certainly install a Clear Bra for you to protect your auto’s most sensitive components.

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