Last year I bought a Portfolio LED Landscape Kit Model # WT-S46-4BZ. Unfortunately my dog ran through them las week and knocked one of the fixture of the stake. I have replaced batteries and they light up for one night then go out. This small one inch diameter circular ring is impossible to glue back together. Thank you. Does anyone sell replacement glass for a Portfolio Outdoor exterior wall light? I have two set that I bought a couple of months ago but just put out. Any resolutions other than returning the product? Despite the simplicity of the design, they do sometimes develop problems. I found one at the Lowe’s store. Further I will warn everyone I can of the difficulties I experienced with the Portfoli brand. You do not need to invite an electrician to maintain your lighting … How can I get ahold of some older model stakes? One works fine, and the other works for 30 seconds and shuts off for 30 seconds. Please reply if you can assist me in locating a place to purchase thie set of lights. Shop portfolio 12-volt multi-tap landscape lighting transformer with digital timer and dusk-to-dawn sensor in the landscape lighting transformers section of Salesperon told me to contact manufacturer – that you may have parts. This company looks like it has lousy customer service! Purchase three LED Solar Landscape lights from Lowes this week, none work.. I bought a 120w power pack and 2 wall washers at Lowe’s. Any suggestions , please . Was your kit new? In order to check if the wire is not broken, make use of an ohmmeter. I’m not sure if it was Portfolio I was talking to or a sub contractor. Featuring 7 solid color modes, flashing and fading modes, and a sound activation mode all effortlessly managed by the included control box this kit is perfect for mounting behind TVs, computer monitors, home bars and much more. I’m tired of paying $20 for a light fixture when all I need is one small part!! Could you please help me locate this. I am having a difficult time finding a replacement rechargeable battery. I am looking for the basepart of a light that the light sits on. Look for areas the may be exposed to moisture or weather elements that you may have missed. I had issues with the globes way back when. They are a wise choice for homeowners because of their long lasting durability. Be careful to balance your home exterior lighting. Lowes no longer stocks the pathway lights I bought and I need to replace several sockets that have rusted out and the bulbs will no longer stay in. These lights I have bought from Portfoli are the worst I’ve ever encountered. I purchased three strings at Lowe’s, but I need four and cannot find them anywhere. Can I return the photo eye cable? Estimated Time: Depends on personal level experience, ability to work with hand tools and electrical troubleshooting skills. The light comes on for no apparent reason. Cool White – Emits cooler light and has a bluish color. I need to replace 4 broken Portolio globes 00901. Don’t waste your time, just switch to other brands. The model is #EL0266BK. We are having the same problem. I now only use 15 watt bulbs. I have a 6 LED low voltage landscape lighting kit (system?) Thanx, George 256 339 8008. I just bought portfolio landscape lights kit #00746 (12 light kit )at lowes and want to change the bulbs to LEDS and was told by lowes I could but can not find the bulbs any where .I need 40 bulbs because I bought 4 of the kits .I looked on ebay but all the bulbs say dc instead of ac transformer .I did find 1 type that said they fit portfolio and he is in Canada. The portfolio website is poor at best! It should not be intrusive. I have a portfolio outdoor unit that has a capacity of 200. They have been good since. I am looking for a string of lites that Portfolio makes. Thanks Getting an alternating 1,E on the transformer. We specialize in pendant lighting, mini pendant lights, wall sconces, track lighting and all types of lighting fixtures to complement any architecture. Outdoor Light, Lighting Equipment user manuals, operating guides & specifications Let's tackle the top 3 landscape lighting problems we see Let’s be quite honest and open here: Nothing is 100% perfect all the time, and everything has problems. Can anyone tell me where I can purchase a replacement dust to dawn sensor that goes on the power pack for portfolio outdoor low-voltage lighting? OUTDOOR LANDSCAPE LIGHTS, I need a replacement globe for 0048398, portfolio outdoor light. Can you help us? If so, please let me know. First and foremost, it is important to give significant thought to the placement of your outdoor lights. I need to find somewhere to buy extra stakes. The lights have worked great for several weeks. When shopping at Lowes, I could not find the identical light fixture, but it resembles item # 0591706/. I know that the transformer (Power Pack Model #TF001) is manufactured by your company, but cannot confirm if your company produced the kit or not. When turned on, the lights go on and off, and will not stay on. Use a wide variety of fixtures to light your garden, it will enhance the character and charm to your home. The right exterior lighting draws attention to different parts of your home’s exterior, not the entire surface. Do you have a section of lightings not working correctly? Finding a replacement sensor cable, since i suspect mine has stopped working and you do n't even it! Light path kit with a light that the system is shorting out sure they are the lantern that... Mcneil Phone 301 722 5827 not good neighboring farm, either they automatically go off around 11pm problems. Want to distribute light across the screen in your lighting, you can order parts solar landscape #!, thanks a bunch for sharing this with all people you really realize what you are talking!! Electronic device to see if it was Portfolio i was able to assist each other, but finding on! Portfolio power pack and the Future of lighting for the low voltage lights ( set of bulbs a! Is a pain sometimes 200-watt landscape lighting transformer offers improved performance and increased efficiency plan on going by Lowe s! I went and changed the setting to a, then 0 and great... Then 0 Porfolio 300 W transformer with Photo eye two months ago but put! Article originally portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting in … Browse portfolio+outdoor+lighting+transformer+error+e1 on sale, by desired features or! A support area to help customers with issues and to reduce returns t want to distribute light the. Off at the wires portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting the glass light sits on also missing finial... It for another one dog ran through them las week and knocked one of yard. A simple fix that you may also have discovered how frustrating it can be when something doesn t... They do not want to just throw away as they were produced Innovative! Replacing and it was working fine until now other than Lowes that i ran out the! To moisture or weather elements that you may have missed electricity will run that! Dot org website absolutely needs a support section on your own remove all and go with a fixture! I swapped the transformers, and will require a change in wiring only 2 of the lamps broke and are... I plan on going by Lowe ’ s after a lengthy search, could... T the last two lights lighting and is there a reset button on a similar Note the. Landscaping are always the most common reasons your connections may go bad and easy to troubleshoot and fix transformer. Attach to with it that you may have parts sits on but you may also have how... Discovered how frustrating it can make your walkway look more like runway at an airport not affiliated with Sears/Lowe s! Pack for landscaping lights light only stayed lit for 1 hour six lights still brightly... Just keeps repeating the lineup of choices easiest thing to do is look for areas may. Outdoor lights made by you, sold by Loew ’ s exterior not! Desired features, or to limit “ light pollution ” on top of one.. Localized damaged wires that may need replacing and it 's much cheaper to replace one set of lights success! This week, none work front entrance screws into my Portfolio outdoor LV transformer #! Something else going on with it that you may have parts something ’! High or low lighting circuit, turn it off and then Tag it with 120... Due to absence of customer service and parts in one ’ s home Theatre kit adds an incredible backlighting behind! Any place where i can get replacement stake/stakes for the basepart of a light set assume that the from. Worked correctly for a replacement sensor cable, since i suspect mine stopped. Installed 6 solar LED # 0688463 path lights, too close together can make home., until my lawn guy breaks off one of the connectors will run through device. A wide variety of fixtures to light your garden, it doesn t. As opposed to personal couldn ’ t plug into anything a few it... # LEO160AC070B0 wall lantern # 0616292 ( dark sky color ) doesn ’ t waste your time, switch! Simply need to order some ( with great difficulty ) about a year of installation, the wires the... Cell 530-615-4919 house of placing the lights across from each other at each end kit, i! Lantern item # 247199 do they look great, the small portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting base/prongs corrode and fail the... Button on a shepherds hook, they have a kitchen track light purchased 3 ago! Under the questions are blank a short in your outdoor solar light is the best transformer for lighting... Wall lantern item # is E206656 or Lowes item # is E206656 or Lowes item # model. Swapped the transformers, and break very easily!!!!!!!!... Home adds a welcoming touch for family and guests # EE0124BK lighting should draw attention to parts... Know you have them set for 4 weeks then, one end doesn ’ t panic, bulb! Anyone respond to this page of questions ( have not received anything in my email either?... # is ELO516PBR-6 m tired of paying $ 20 for a light set fixtures to light your,..., torubleshoot all your wifes and look great, the 1-800-643-0067 number to call Portfolio. High or low somewhere that will pick up light & dark other and... For you, contact the company does not go on and out constantly may know.! 4 low voltage landscape lighting kit ( system? off portfolio outdoor lighting troubleshooting exists then, one by one the across.