USDOT Hazardous Materials Table 49 CFR 172.101 EPA Regulations: Marine Polutant: No. Only available during office hours. Bacteria toxicity: no information available Algae toxicity: No information available. Oil painters shouldn’t work around open containers of turpentine, mineral spirits, or citrus-based cleaners. This website and underlying databases are maintained and updated by Pesticide Action Network North America (PAN). in industry. Alkyd Resin Identifications. 1 Alkyd resin paint 2017/8/14 Safety Data Sheet Alkyd resin paint Nakao, Nago city, Okinawa pref., Japan Serious eye damage/eye irritation:Cat. 79163 Alkyd Resin AM Printed: 11.04.2016 Page 9 Revised edition: 29.10.2015 Version: 1 Daphnia toxicity: No information available. CAS Number: 68333-62-0; Synonyms/Related: Alkyd Resin. Wood coating. The present invention relates to an alkyd resin and its method of production. Remove contaminated clothing and launder before reuse. Cancer . The name of alkyd coatings originates from the resin used to create the coating. Toxicity FLAT Version No: … PDF | In this study, Luffa aegyptiaca seed oil-modified alkyd resin was used as a binder in the formulation of a solvent based Semi-gloss paint. Alkyd resin 40 - 60 Safflower Oil* 8001-23-8 10 – 20 *Galkyd Slow Dry only SECTION 4: FIRST AID MEASURES First Aid Treatment Eye Contact: Flush thoroughly with water. Ingestion: Do not induce vomiting. Alkyd varnish is a mixture containing various synthetic alkyd resins with organic solvents. Related Resources. Instead of pigment suspended in oil, alkyd paints are typically formed by an alkyd resin dissolved in a thinner. The potential for legislative restrictions of cobalt soaps has led paint producers and their suppliers to develop and introduce alternative alkyd resin siccatives that are based on iron, manganese or - to a lesser extent - vanadium. The resin is prepared from the following raw materials in percentage by weight: 30-80% of alkyd resin, 0-60% of solvent, 5-20% of diphenylmethane diisocyanate and 0.1-2% of catalyst. Alkyd resins are manufactured from the condensation reaction between oil or polyols, acids, and alcohol. Alkyd resin 50-70 S43A Mineral Spirits 30-50 R10, R65, R66 S24/25, S37 064742-88-7 Toluene 30 Xn R10, R20/21, R38 S24/25, S37 108-88-3 Xylene < 2 Xn R10, R20/21, R38 S24/25, S37 001330-20-7 3. Baking Alkyd Resin. Among the heavy-metal catalysts, cobalt complexes are the most eff RESENE DECORATOR ALKYD FLAT TOXICITY IRRITATION Not Available Not Available solvent naphtha petroleum, medium aliphatic. This is a medium that closely resembles the wonderful combinations of sun-thickened oil and natural resins used so effectively throughout the history of art but with the singular advantage of being free from solvents. The hardener reacts with the ‘free’ epoxyde groups, into a tough, three-dimensional network: the final, cured polymer. Indicates no available weight-of-the-evidence summary assessment. Alkyd resins are used as vehicles in exterior house paints, marine paints, and baking enamels. BODELAC 9000 MATT ALKYD RESIN … 1, H304 Aquatic Chronic 2, H411 Acute Tox. (UAN) : 1111 6 4 6 4 7 Fax No. 3. Effective at low temperatures. Indicates high toxicity in the given toxicological category. No. The alkyd resin label is “white”, i.e. Locally available Jatropha Seed Oil (JSO) was successfully converted to alkyd resin by alcoholysis and polycondensation reactions. Chemical drying of these polyesters is based on heavy metal catalyzed cross-linking of the unsaturated fatty acid moieties. Soya alkyd resin - Identification, toxicity, use, water pollution potential, ecological toxicity and regulatory information: Note: See Working with the Information on this Page section below for important notes about this data. Gamblin mediums are formulated with a soy-based alkyd resin, proven to retain its flexibility much better than damar-based mediums. The alkyd resin according to the invention is obtained by polycondensation of a mixture comprising at least one fatty acid and / or an oil, a polyol, a polyacid, and polymerized abietic acid. Skin Contact: In case of skin contact, wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. : 64742-82-1 3. Hazardous Ingredients: Pet-roleum and coal-tar distillates: CAS-No. Alkyd resin Flam. Aspiration hazard:Cat. For additional information on toxicity from scientif Main Components Emitted from the Alkyd Resin Enamel-coated Particleboard. Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity . R 62 May cause reproduction defects. TOXICITY IRRITATION dermal (rat) LD50: 28000 mg/kg [2] Not Available Oral (rat) LD50: >5000 mg/kg [1] naphtha petroleum, heavy, hydrodesulfurised Version No: 1.1 RESENE DECORATOR ALKYD FLAT Issue Date: 23/02/2018 Print Date: 23/02/2018. Virtually nontoxic by inhalation. Alkyd resin dissolved in naphtha. 12. More. The MDI is harmful, but it boils at 300°C therefore it does not remain in the air of the work environment. Most commercially available “oil-based paints” are made with pigment suspended in a solution of an alkyd resin and a petroleum-based solvent such as naptha. 4. When do we use Alkyd paint? CRYSTALUX ALKYD RESIN UNDERCOAT Page 2 of 8 H372: … Solvents evaporate with exposure to the air, and are known to cause a host of physical and neurological problems when inhaled repeatedly over time. : +92-42-36376186 E-mail : [email protected] Factory 14.8 … Lead is still an effective drier, technically and on a cost basis. 4, H332; STOT SE 3, H335 5-<10% CAS: 64742-82-1 EINECS: 265-185-4 Numéro index: 649-330-00-2 FIRST AID MEASURES Remove patient to fresh air, keep warm and at rest. 2. LONG OIL ALKYD RESIN Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) PRODUCT NAME Case#68333-62-0 LONG OIL ALKYD RESIN APPEARANCE Clear liquid with Free Flowing properties, pale yellow to dark yellow like appearance ADDRESS Head Office 1st Floor, Amin Arcade, 7-Durand Road, Lahore, PAKISTAN Tel. HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION Hazard Symbol and Name: T Reproduction toxicity N Environmental toxicity Risk Phrases: R 61 May be hazardous / toxic for fetus. 12. R 65 May cause lung damage if ingested R 50/53 Extremely toxic for water … HAZARD IDENTIFICATION MAN: Harmful, flammable ENVIRONMENT: None 4. Regular alkyd paints (also known as oil-based or solvent-borne paints) form a hard, glossy surface that is easy to clean and resists scratching, water, and chemicals. Means possesses good adhesion and high level of moisture resistance. Acute Toxicity/Effects Acute toxicity Assessment of acute toxicity: Virtually nontoxic after a single ingestion. 12. Specific target organ toxicity: - Repeated exposure Category 1 Environmental Hazard Not classified as an environmental hazard under GHS criteria GHS Pictogram Signal Word Danger Hazard statements H226: Flammable liquid and vapour H315: Causes skin irritation H340: May cause genetic defects H350: May cause cancer SDS Number: SDS-70114. Zirconium has replaced lead in a number of countries. PAINT AND SURFACE COATINGS Theory and Practice Second edition Editors: R LAMBOURNE and T A STRIVENS Cambridge England PAIPR 7/16/99 2:28 PM Page i Not as effective as lead but is less toxic and was the first identified alternative to lead. If the surface is cold and the humidity is high, dry time is affected. Referring to the acute toxicity classification of compounds given by the World Health Organization (WHO/IPCS 1996) (Table 3), the authors were able to determine the odor compound characteristics and relevant parameters of the alkyd resin enamel-coated particleboard (Table 4). Molded alkyd resins are used for electrical components, distributor caps, encapsulation, and a variety of similar applications. Alkyd resins are polyesters containing unsaturated fatty acids that are used as binding agents in paints and coatings. Numéros de registre CAS sont attribués par le Chemical Abstracts Service, une division de l'American Chemical Society. Liq. Alkyd paints that contain substantial amounts of linseed oil (some house paints and tank enamels) are prone to wrinkling when used at low temperatures. 434CD0500 ACRYLATED ALKYD RESIN Revision date : 2018/07/18 Page: 7/10 Version: 3.0 (30091842/SDS_GEN_CA/EN) Solvents are absorbed through the skin. Generally, the resin is mixed on-site with a curing agent or hardener (generally a polyamine, figure 2, sometimes anhydrids). Alkyd resins are polyesters containing unsaturated fatty acids that are used as binding agents in paints and coatings. The invention discloses a diphenylmethane-diisocyanate-modified polyurethane alkyd resin and a preparation method thereof. In fact, it reacts with a second component in a percentage of 20% composed by MDI (i.e. Face parquet. 2A Since the alkyd resin is essentially a polymerized oil, it is compatible with the linseed oil binder of colors. If irritation persists, get medical attention. Specific target organ toxicity - Single exposure:Cat.3(Narcotic effects) Industrial uses Paint Do not use for private purposes (household). Specific target organ toxicity: - Repeated exposure Category 1 Asphyxiation hazard Category 1 Environmental Hazard Not classified as an environmental hazard under GHS criteria GHS Pictogram Signal Word Danger Hazard statements H226: Flammable liquid and vapour H304: May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways SDS Number: SDS-70100. These products require 48 hours dry time at 77ºF (25ºC) before recoating. Alkyd varnishes are actively used to work with surfaces of different types. 3, H226 Aquatic Chronic 2, H411 50-<60% CAS: 64742-95-6 EINECS: 265-199-0 Numéro index: 649-356-00-4 Virtually nontoxic after a single skin contact. If these products are topcoated before they have dried sufficiently, wrinkling will occur. This research was carried out to synthesise, characterise and evaluate the performance properties of silver-nanoparticles embedded alkyd resin as binder in surface coating. GLYCERIN/PHTHALIC ACID COPOLYMER and PHTHALIC ALKYD RESIN. Resins with more than one unit are solid and are either used in a solvent, or at elevated temperatures, e.g. Bioaccumulation No information available. Persistency and Degradability No information available. Les numéros CAS identifier le produit chimique, mais pas sa concentration ou de mélange spécifique. They are typically used as binders for coatings and printing inks. Cancer: Ingredients linked to cancer in government, industry or academic studies or assessments. Programme highlighting the toxicity of cobalt compounds [5]. If recovery is not rapid, seek Clean with a proprietary … without any dangerous symbols. The synthesis of an alkyd resin through an enzymatic alcoholysis provided by Novozym 435 was analyzed in this study. : 01-2119455851-35-0001 solvant naphta aromatique léger (pétrole) Asp. Tox. Walnut/Alkyd Medium was developed to provide artist’s with a non-toxic, environmentally responsible alternative to solvent based, rapid drying alkyd mediums. Diphenylmethane diisocyanate), similar to cold-box “dark” component. Health & Regulatory Guidelines. Copolymer alkyd resin: Numéro de Registre CAS: Chemical Abstracts Service Registry Number (CAS) est un identifiant unique pour un produit chimique et ses synonymes.