It can also be obtained as a drink from some expert herbalists and this has been used with colorectal cancer. You must involve an expert, not just about how to administer the poultice, but is Black Salve appropriate given the size and location of your tumour. Black salve is most commonly used as a poultice for skin cancer and melanoma; and also has a following as a treatment for breast cancer. Drawing salve is still commonly used in modern times. Ichthammol ointment is made from sulfonated shale oil and combined with other ingredients, like lanolin or petroleum, to treat skin problems. The sale of black salve in Australia is illegal. * Graviola leaf (Annona muricata) - also known as Soursop Proponents of this treatment suggest that the salve kills the cancer cells. Black Salve and skin cancer; Black Salve and breast cancer. "At last the definitive book on a diet to fight cancer". As far as all these people are concerned the poultice is drawing out the cancer. Tumour confirmed by hospital histology dept. A link below will take you to Jessica's story of Black Salve and her Breast cancer. from Native American Indians introduced this herbal combination to an early pioneer family, and the formula was passed down in the family for three generations. At CANCERactive, we have also seen one case where the poultice killed the breast cancer but then didn't clear it from the body. And remember: when your cancer tumour pops out, it's an alternative to surgery; you still have to rebuild your body. * (Bitter melon seed (Momordica charantia) It will remove cancerous tumors, pre-cancers, fungal infections, and some other infections. In the future laboratory studies and ethical clinical trials might discover a beneficial role for blood-root products. What then happens next borders on the bizarre. This is a great salve! Go to: Living Proof, Jessica Richards, Black Salve beat my breast cancer. Black salve contains several ingredients covered in the past in research in Cancer Watch, each shown to have positive effects with cancer, like Graviola (Annona muricata), Bloodroot and Chaparral. This can reasonably be compared to the result that would be expected from burning tissue by applying a strong caustic substance such as hydrochloric acid. The reason it is called the "BLACK SALVE" is because initially the herbs that are in the salve are red in color, and shortly … Black Salve, a poultice of herbs with proven anti-cancer benefits. Some people are happy to be personally guided through a treatment the first time. You can use Gumby Gumby on its own but, more often than not, you use it as an 'identifier' and then you use Black Salve. Black drawing salve, or black salve, is a paste made from herbs. Yes, Bloodroot Salve is safe to use, provided you have enough information about it and you use it with respect. It is used to treat many types of skin irritations, such as burns and boils. The reason it is called the "BLACK Black ointment is a type of drawing salve that contains various herbs, oils, and other natural products. I have never had a single item of research across my desk on either ‘treatment’ and, it’s all news to me. Mrs BS Devon. Imagine the Grand Canyon, on one side a white tumour and on the other side a piece of raw tuna. One enslaved man name Burt produced more than 200 offspring, according to the Slave … If you follow the links below you will find pictures of the poultice in use with two ladies and their breast cancers. Save a further 10% with Genius. Please Click Below To Nominate Cancer Active’ for a Charity Donation of £1000! I often have people come up to me telling me about something they used - but it’s always a one-off. This historical use has been used to give credibility to the use of black salve to treat skin malignancies, despite the fact Mohs publicly renounced its use for this purpose. Black Salve is a herbal based product, featuring two principal herbs that are said historically to have pharmacologically demonstrated anti-cancer properties, and users of Black Salve, believe that when the Black Salve is applied sufficiently to the cancerous skin lesion, any and every cancer cell associated with that lesion, those laterally and those deep, will be destroyed.