Dating from around 1680, it was found to thrive in Versailles gardens during the cold winter months. Description: This Fig tree is the smallest variety you can find making it perfect for container growing with no pruning needed. Extremely productive! ***** Rare * Violette de Bordeaux figs* Fruiting fig trees* 35 fresh seeds* Also known as Negronne, Violet de Bordeaux is a purplish-black fruit with rich strawberry pulp. Many people all over the world have enjoyed the edible fig; with Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Algeria, Greece, Syria, the United States, Spain, and Tunisia topping the list of fig-producing nations (Oberheu, 2018). Small to medium size purple-black fruit with a very deep red strawberry pulp and distinctive, sweet, rich flavor. It is a natural dwarf tree that grows 6-10 feet tall, well adapted for container culture or small spaces. Each fig is a deep purple, almost black. The Violette is great for container growing. Violette de Bordeaux Dwarf Fig… Figs are mentioned in many of our earliest texts, and evidence suggests that these broad, deciduous trees have been in cultivation for thousands of years. It is reported to be more cold hardy than most varieties. Its pretty spring and summer flowers turn into plump, purple fruit with sweet pink flesh that is a perfectly tasty and healthy treat for fresh eating. It produces a small-purple fruit that has a delightfully sweet flavor. The tree produces only a handful of large brebas. Reina de Malaga (Qween of Malaga) An outstanding, high quality green purplish fig with 2 crops. It's a cold hardy plant that can survive in zone 6. The small, purple black figs have a marvelous perfume and a lovely sweet flavour. The Violette de Bordeaux tends to be one of the more cold hardy trees, with some saying it can be grown outdoors in zone 6 with protection. This observation was conducted in Vienna, Austria, by a Planet Fig correspondent where the tree only receives sunshine until 2.45 PM. Fig of the Week. Figs are possibly the very first domesticated fruit. Cold hardy. I have an in-ground Hardy Chicago, and I am currently rooting cuttings for Ronde de Bordeaux, and an unknown variety. Needs protection in cold winter areas. Ravin de Calce A black medium fig from France. In cold zones, bring your container Fig into an unheated garage or shed for winter protection. Plant naturally dwarfed, productive Violette de Bordeaux Fig and harvest two great-tasting crops a year. Ficus carica. Sub-tropical, drought tolerant fruit tree. The Violette de Bordeaux Fig Tree (Ficus carica) is also known as the Negronne Fig. Popular in the Northwest and West. Violette De Bordeaux, the dark purple form of Bordeaux, produces medium sized purple fruit with dark purplish-red flesh. Savor your homegrown fruit candy! Fig 'Violette de Bordeaux' (Ficus carica) A dwarf growth habit makes Fig 'Violette de Bordeaux' well adapted for containers. The fig tree’s leaf, in particular, is a widely familiar shape that has provided some of the world’s most famous statues and paintings with strategic covering and a modicum of modesty. There is evidence of fig cultivation as early as 4,000 B.C. Good for home planting as tree is dwarf. Zones 7b-9. The Violette de Bordeaux fig is a dwarf variety that yields medium fruit with red flesh. Rich flavor, good fresh or dried . It was discovered around 1680 in the Versailles gardens thriving during the cold winter months. It is a miniature fig with a compact, dwarf habit and deeply lobed, dark blue-green leaves. If you know about figs, you have to know that the Ronde De Bordeaux fig is the staple of any fig collection. It bears well and with good growing conditions will bear two crops a year. of high quality figs each year. -Fig Violette de Bordeaux Information below is only the potential the plant has. Early breba. Most probably native to Asia, figs were spread throughout the Mediterranean. The sweetest develop when the daytime temperature regularly exceeds 95°F. Little Miss Figgy is a dwarf version of the Violette de Bordeaux Fig and has the same delicious fruit but in a compact plant. Violette de Bordeaux Fig Tree can be grown in a container or small spaces. Large, light greenish-yellow 'white' skin, amber flesh. Our passion for figs continues to In addition, Violet de Bordeaux is the most compact fig we grow, only reaching a mature height of around 5′ tall! The Violette de Bordeaux figs are small jet-black fruit with dark red flesh. They are a member of the genus Ficus and in the family Moraceae, which contains 2,000 tropical and subtropical species. pollinator Posts: 1160. The most early ripening, flavorful, and productive cultivars perform best. The leaves of the Violette De Bordeaux are dramatic, with long slender fingers. Fig 'Violette de Bordeaux' is a particularly hardy fig variety. Needs protection in cold winter areas. Cold hardy to zone 5. It bears purple-black fruits with a distinctive, sweet flavor. The fig (Ficus carica L.) has been grown as a fruit crop for many centuries and is even considered an ancient fruit (Stover et al., 2007). It was growing as a naturally occurring branch mutation of Ficus `Violette de Bordeaux` in a container at his nursery in Ridgeville, South Carolina. Location: Nevada, Mo 64772. Most cold hardy fig . 99. 'Texas Everbearing' is sometimes compared to Brown Turkey. [sold as "Elegant Violette Black"] Violette de Bourdeaux, also called Negronne is a delightful fig - a robust bearer of dark, sweet fruit. Violette de Bordeaux Fig is a pleasingly compact variety that offers both beauty and scrumptious fruit all in a convenient, container sized package. 'Violet De Bordeaux' Fig is a very hardy cultivar. Good for home planting as tree is dwarf and prolific in fruit production. Our most cold hardy fig variety. Little Miss Figgy is pest and disease resistant. Long-lived, vigorous. Violet de Bordeaux Fig Ficus carica. Needs protection in cold winter areas. USDA zones 6-9 in cold hardiness. It is a heavy fruit producer despite its size. Ronde de Bordeaux (Précoce de Barcelona) Languages. Very sweet fruit needs hot weather to ripen. Give good drainage and average water. In a recent try made by a fan in Norway is shown as the best adapted fig trees for in a cold climates It can be associated with an early fig in order to extend by 2 or 3 weeks the harvest of main crop. Figs trees can be grown as … Figure 1. Also known as Negronne, Violet de Bordeaux is a purplish-black fruit with rich strawberry pulp. The medium-sized, purplish-black fruit has a sweet, dark red interior and many people consider this variety to be one of the best tasting figs for fresh eating or preserves. Considered by many the finest tasting fig. Fig trees can be grown without protection wherever temperatures do not drop below 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Ken W Wilson. It has dark purple fruits with smooth, amber flesh that are produced abundantly along the branches. Rojeta A very sweet and tasty redish large fig. Most varieties of figs can be raised and ripened in short growing seasons if grown in pots and stored in a garage or basement during winter. This fig created a sensation and fairly ignited the fig renaissance in California when we discovered it on a rare fruit growers' journey to the doomed fig orchard at UC Davis in summer 1987. The second picture in the ad shows a range of typical sizes that we ship. Place your order for our expertly grown trees today! It produces small to medium size blackish-purple fruit, with the darkest strawberry-red flesh of any fig. The Violette de Bordeaux is our latest selection, with such an alluring name you would be hard pressed not to fall in love with it. _____ Violette de Bordeaux Fig Small to medium size purple-black fruit with a very deep red strawberry pulp, a distinctive sweet rich flavor. Figs thrive in most soil types, as long … We now have several varieties with varying cold hardiness to satisfy the collector of these beautiful Mediterranean specimens. Violette de Bordeaux fig trees often produce a breba crop. Good for container culture or small spaces due to its naturally small size. Fig trees will die if bare roots are not kept moist. Dating from around 1680, it was found to thrive in the gardens of the palace of Versailles during the cold winter months. A baker's dozen of optimal varieties could include: Mt Etna (by many names), Ronde de Bordeaux, Brooklyn White, Florea, Longue d'Aout/Nordland, Marseilles, Violette de Bordeaux (by… ... typical of the Catalan countries and of my roof. I grown my tree in a pot and bring it inside for the winter here in zone 7, as I do with all my other trees. This fig will produce 2 crops per year. Ronde de Bordeaux An excellent flavor, small, dark blue fig. Fig ‘White Marseilles’ (Ficus carica) Introduced to this country by Thomas Jefferson, the ‘White Marseilles’ Fig tree was one of his favorites and he is quoted as saying “it is unquestionably superior to any fig I have ever seen.” Originally f Figs are read The small, purple black figs have a marvellous perfume and a lovely sweet flavour. Fig 'Violette de Bordeaux is a particularly hardy variety. It has the same cold hardiness and the fruit are nearly the same in taste. Rated to zone 7 many homes can enjoy growing this cultivar outdoors year round. The tree is dwarf and compact making it suitable for containers and is one the more cold hardy varieties tolerating zone 6 winters. Tramping through the weeds in August temperatures, we were ready to go no farther after tasting the fruits of this tree. Plant in full sun. Brebas are pear-shaped with a thick, tapering neck, main crop figs are variable, often without neck. A bifere fig which bears a light breba crop and main crop that ripens late August through the month of Sept. Better than Violette de Bordeaux. Violette de Bordeaux is considered by experts as one of the best figs because it has an irresistible fragrance and a fantastic sweet, rich flavor. Also referred to as Negronne Fig. That tre You will be receiving one plant between 2.5 and 6 inches in height shipped in a 3 inch deep pot. #1 Violette de Sollies Violette de Sollies AKAs Negro Largo, Black Of Bourjassotte, Sollies, Barnisotte, Bourdissot, Negro Largo Hardiness: So … A french fig, aptly named means Black and Round. Do not let dry out when the fruit is ripening. Prune to any shape. In recent years, my tree has produced 90+ lb. Considered by many the finest tasting fig. The vast majority of the figs are from the main crop. The JH Adriatic is a very fine fig; arguably, when all factors are considered, the best of the 50+ varieties in my collection. Very good brebas and large second crop. Closed eye. Fig Trees: ficus carica Easy-to-grow, generally disease-free fruit; fig trees can be kept six feet tall with pruning and containment of their roots. Black fig with dark purple fruit, dark red flesh and rich flavor.