Bajrangbali: The name means one whose limbs have the strength and power of lightning. In times of trouble, it is a common faith among Hindus to chant the name of Hanuman or sing his hymn ("Hanuman Chalisa") and proclaim "Bajrangbali Ki Jai" —"victory to thy thunderbolt strength." In the Vedic times, God Vayu was regarded as one of the Hindu Triad. How Revati became Krishna's sister-in-law? He received sacred pudding which all the three queens were supposed to consume. His exploits are narrated in the great Hindu Sanskrit poem the Ramayana (“Rama’s Journey”). Complete collection of Lord Hanuman names. Lord Hanuman Names Lord Hanuman is the son of Vayu, the Hindu god of Wind. Kesari confronted this monster and hit him forcefully with his fist. Similarly, in Purushasukta, Vayu is said to have sprung from the breath of Purusha and also referred to as the son in law of Twashrti. Ramayana's Yudha Kanda stats Kesari as son of Brihaspati. The son of Anjana. For other uses, see,, All Wikipedia articles written in Indian English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 6 December 2020, at 22:18. Legend further states that Vayu Deva, the wind god, also plays a major role in the birth of Hanuman, and that’s why Hanuman is also known as Vayuputra. In retrospect, this curse served good as Lord Rama had to rely on Lord Hanumana for number of tasks. 108 Names of Lord Hanuman, श्री हनुमान नामावलिः in Hindi and English text. He was a devotee of Lord Rama. There are several different legends about birth of Hanuman. Mother and Father : He was born through the holy lap of his mother Anjani (Anjana ) and his father was Kapiraaj Keshari so he is also called Anjani ka laala, Aanjaneya ( son of mother Anjani) or Keshari Nandan . Hanuman is born in the womb of that vanara's wife Anjana by the grace of wind God. [3], Kesari was a powerful vanara. Meet Mrs. Hanuman, The Wife Of Lord Hanuman, Praying To Whom Is Said To Bless You With A Happy Married Life. Also 108 different names of lord Hanuman with their meaning. One with hands and legs powerful as that of lighting. They very happily shared some part of the pudding from both of their bowls. It is believed that the Wind God helped the eagle or the pudding itself to reach Mother Anjana's lap, and therefore he became instrumental in Lord Hanuman's birth. His mother Anjana was an apsara who was born on earth due to a curse. It's known to almost everybody that Sri Kesari was the father of Lord Hanuman. Narada asked for the face of Hari, which also means a monkey in Sanskrit. Some believe that Hanuman is the son of ‘Vayu’, the God of wind, so is also known by the name ‘Pavan Putra’. Ac… Hanuman, in Hindu mythology, the monkey commander of the monkey army. He was the father of Hanuman and husband of Añjanā. An Apsara by name Anjana marries Kesari, the monkey warrior. Hanuman is best known from the Indian epic Ramayana. Meaning. Being Eldest Son of an Great Engineer Father & after Studying Engineering Pujya Guruji is Preaching the Name of Lord Shani Dev and Ancient Knowledge of the … While still a baby, Hanuman, the child of a nymph by the wind god, tried to fly up and grab the Sun, which he mistook for a fruit. Pujya Guru Ji have a vast and diverse Knowledge of Spirituality, Vedic Astrology, Yantra, Mantra, Tantra, Meditation etc. What if we say Kesari Nandan himself was a father even though he had taken a vow of remaining a Brahmachari. Share your views! 3. Therefore the first mention of Lord Hanuman in Mahabharata comes when He meets Bhima during the Pandavas exile and the second time when Lord Hanuman protected the chariot of Arjuna throughout the battle of Kurukshetra by residing in Arjuna's flag. | Last Modified - Jun 06, 2017, 03:11 PM IST He cursed Lord Vishnu that he will one day have to take help from a monkey. Hanuman, exceptionally rendering the quality of the greatest devotee of Lord Rama, is known for his great strength and intellect. Both Lakshmana and Shatrughana kept crying and could not be controlled by their mother. His mother, Anjana, held the essence of her name: “anj” in Sanskrit means reverence. When she did so, they became quiet. Hanuman was born to the humanoid creatures called the vanaras. The name of the village is derived from the name of the goddess Anjani, the mother of Hanuman. Kesari was a male vanara who was brave and inquisitive by nature–and a chief. Hanuman is also called the son of the deity Vayu (Wind god) because of legends associated with Vayu's role in Hanuman's birth. Being the son of Anjana and Kesari, Hanuman was named as, Anjaneya and Kesari Nandan. It was apparent that they were born from the same portion and therefore had a special bond! Hanuman’s image shows him as a strong man with the face of a monkey. Do you adore the personality and role played by Lord Hanuman in the great story of Ramayana? Mother Anjana consumed the pudding and gave birth to Lord Hanuman. According to Hindu legends, Hanuman was born to mother Anjana and father Kesari. Vayu carried the divine power of Lord Shiva to Anjana's womb, and thus Hanuman was born as an incarnation of Lord Shiva. There was a great wrestling match, and Kesari was finally successful in slaying him.[4]. In the Cambodian and Thai versions of the Ramayana, Lord Hanuman's son is known as Macchanu who was born out of the union of Lord Hanuman and Ravana's mermaid daughter, Suvannamaccha. 1) Anjaneya. We are being the largest resource for the Hindu mythological names for babies. Hanuman was born on the wind and a prayer. His mother Anjana was an Apsara named Puñjikastalā, who was born on earth as a vanara princess due to a curse from sage Durvasa, and she married Kesari, a vanara chief. He is blessed by Vayu as the god of winds. And what would be better than a name associated with one of the gods? It is believed that Sumitra got panicked and she ran to Kaushalya and Kaikeyi and told them about her trouble. Hanuman's father name is Kesari who was a valiant Vanara. Many objects of archaeological importance obtained from this … As a result, he received some sacred pudding (payasam) to be share… Aanjani Guha (cave), 4 km from the village, is believed to be the place where Anjani once lived. She again was troubled. However, Sumitra put the bowl in the window while she was drying her hair after having a bath. This article is about Father of Hanuman. Don't do this in initial five years of marriage! Almost all Hindu gods have more than one name and, each name with a different deep meaning. In a Brahmanic era, he was reduced in his status but he still continues to occupy an eminent position in the hearts of Hindus. There's another story that involves Narada cursing Lord Vishnu because apparently he tricked Narada. His father was Kesari, a sort of meditating gladiator monkey-like humanoid, called in Sanskrit, a “vanara”. One story says that King Dasharatha of Ayodhya was also performing the ritual of Putrakamesthi. In the Rig Veda, Lord Vayu is said to be a trusted friend of Indra who used to share his power with him. Kesari was a male vanara who was brave and inquisitive by nature–and a chief. She was redeemed from this curse on her giving birth to a son. Different names of Lord 108 names of lord hanuman, Name of Hindu God 108 names of lord hanuman, Hindu Mythological names. Indra, Angered Lord Indra threw Hanuman back to … We have 94 Lord Hanuman names for baby boy in our baby names list. Who is Hanuman's father? Param Pujya Guru Rajneesh Rishi Ji is a Well Known Spiritual Guru in 133 countries of this globe. Marutinandan (“son of Marut”) or Pavanputra (“son of wind”); these names are derived from the various names of Vayu, the deity who carried Hanuman to Anjana’s womb. Shiva, pleased by their devotion and prayers, granted the request and tell them to worship Vayu. Kesari also fought bravely in the war with Ravana along with Sugriva’s army. However, there is more to the story! It's also believed that Lord Hanuman was the incarnation of Lord Shiva himself. The Valmiki Ramayana states that his father Kesari was the son of Rahu and was he was the King of a place named Sumeru. In some versions, it is the same story of the semen travelling through water but instead of a Makara it is the mermaid daughter of Ravana, Suvannamaccha. He was the father of Hanuman and husband of Añjanā.[1]. Anjana was his mother's name. An eagle picked the bowl and flew. 2) Bajrangbali. Anjana was his mother's name. It's believed that Sri Kesari and Mother Anjana performed austerities to appease Lord Shiva, who gave them a boon that they will have a son. In Sundara Kanda, sarga 35, Hanuman explains the characteristics of Rama and Lakshmana and then gives a brief explanation of his birth. 3) Deenabandhave. He has been given different names, one of them being Kesarinandan which means the son of Kesari. Hanuman ji also considered son of Air (Pawan Putra: Another belief. Once, while he was residing in Gokarna (a holy place of Lord Shiva in Karnataka), he found a great monster, Shambasadana, who was continuously persecuting the holy saints who were residing there. However, there is more to the story! Hanuman was born to an apsara (a celestial being) named Punjisthala, who was cursed to become Anjana, a female monkey. One day Narada approached Lord Vishnu to make him look like Vishnu, so that he could win a princess for marriage. © 2021 Times Internet Limited. Shri Hanuman, a great disciple of … One … God Hanuman names with meanings as per Hindu mythology. Hanuman’s Name. One story mentioned in Eknath's Bhavartha Ramayana (16th century CE) states that when Anjana was worshiping Vayu, the King Dasharatha of Ayodhya was also performing the ritual of Putrakameshti yagna in order to have children. Hanuman is considered to be an avatar (incarnation) of Lord Shiva. According to another, slightly different version, when Hanuman took a dip in sea, … Kesari Nandan It's known to almost everybody that Sri Kesari was the father of Lord Hanuman. Islamic funeral: Death rituals and their meaning, The mother goddess Mantras- remedies for all miseries, defilement and ensuring Welfare, Ganesh Gayatri Mantra Meaning, Advance Benefits and Power.